Based in Singapore, our team understands you – our customer.

You may not be familiar with the technical nuances of web hosting or could even be completely new to owning a website. We understand being new to web hosting can sometimes be an intimidating experience. Fortunately, we cater to all tech savvy customers, newbies, and everyone in between.

 Right people, right place, right time 

We employ a team of highly-experienced and dynamic people who are able to provide quality and friendly web hosting support to our valued customers. Our people are knowledgeable in all technical aspects of web hosting, as well as the integrated services we provide.

And for those lacking technical expertise, rest assured that our service representatives are able to communicate in the simplest terms without confusing you further with more techno babble.

 Three layers of support 

We have divided the work flow between 3 technical support groups, so that each group can focus on the areas that they are best able to support clients.

  • Level 1 – To help clients with basic issues relating to web hosting, email hosting, domain names and billing.
  • Level 2 – To resolve issues broken within a client’s website or web hosting accounts.
  • Level 3 – To support level 2 technicians when there is an occurrence of a server side issue.

All in all, we would achieve a more streamlined workflow for our service agents and a faster response time for you.